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What are we?

Next Generation Lemonade

Next Generation Lemonade is a project that was started to introduce business, finance, and career information to classrooms around the world. Next Gen Lemonade has delivered educational resources to the Philippines, and Indonesia.

Students learn valuable financial management skills, and how they can grow their money. Not only is financial education provided, but also: brand-building, marketing skills, and how to build a winning résumé to grow in their careers.

How do we deliver educational resources?

We deliver our resources in three stages. In the early stages of research for this project, we took into consideration that many of the classrooms that we wanted to get involved with often do not have reliable access to the internet. This is why we deliver our education physically:

Stage 1: Introduction

The first product that is delivered is an introduction packet that includes the tools for the course, a syllabus, and a mini-intro to all of our subjects.

Stage 2: Financial

After the introduction, we provide teachers with the tools and content to teach their classroom about financial management and skills. After learning about financial skills, we introduce business and career building skills. This is the final part that is delivered.

Stage 3: Updates

The world is constantly changing! To stay up-to-date, we are constantly on the lookout for new trends in the career and business space to make sure our students get the best information possible!

January Update!

We are currently interviewing three new prospects to bring education materials to their classroom.
So far we have brought materials to:
PhilippinesIndonesiaNebraskaNew Mexico

project leader

Jacob O.

"Growing up, I was often around computers and tablets. My experience with the internet led me to learn and develop skills that my classmates did not get introduced to until the typical highschool finance or marketing class. My goal is to deliver this education at an earlier level, to classrooms around the world."

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